× Note: A Human Right discontinued its work in 2016. Several projects live on through various partnerships. This website remains to honor our longstanding commitment to Internet for all. Thanks to all who supported us over the years.


Universal Internet access fosters collaboration, learning, and empathy.  By ensuring everyone is connected we're building a world that operates in the best interest of all people.      

Oluvus / Unifi

Launched in 2017 Oluvus / Unifi is a telecommunications company with a heart.

  • “New startup, Oluvus — i.e., “all of us” — remains focused on wiring the entire planet and bringing free Internet to the five billion people who do not have access.”
    Time Magazine

Move This Cable

One of the most isolated islands in the world was to miss the unique opportunity to get connected to a planned fiber optic cable. We aimed to change that by petitioning for financial support for the cable landing and building a business case by attracting satellite ground stations. St Helena, a British overseas territory lacks proper Internet access but Google's planned “Equiano” cable will allow the 4,500 islanders to join our digital civilization improving standards of education, health care, as well as offering new economic prospects. The project was successful, in 2018 the European Development Fund awarded € 21.5 million and in mid 2021 the cable will be operational.

  • “Google’s Equiano Cable Will Extend to the Remote Island of Saint Helena, Flooding It With Data”IEEE Spectrum
  • “In all, 14 satellite and ground station companies have signed letters saying they would be interested in building ground sites on St. Helena”SpaceNews
  • “This would be the first time a landing point of a major submarine cable has been selected solely for social reasons.” Submarine Telecoms Forum

Web The Film

What happens when children, isolated in the Peruvian Amazon, experience the Internet for the first time? With interviews from luminaries like Vint Cerf, Jimmy Wales, Nicholas Negroponte, and Clay Shirky Web explores the possibilities that emerge when the disconnected get online, and what it means for our future.

Buy This Satellite

During the Arab Spring, A Human Right launched an advocacy initiative to crowd fund the purchase of a satellite from a bankrupt company and move it over a number of developing countries to provide ultra low cost Internet access. The initiative garnered significant media coverage, informing millions of people that there still exists a significant digital divide, and we can do something about it.

  • “A plan too interesting to ignore.”Fast Company
  • “A very cool, grassroots, help the world kind of idea”Al Jazeera
  • “...Surely they can help millions of people.”Wired Magazine
  • “Look forward to the project changing the Internet as we know it.”The Register

Public Speaking & Advocacy

Founder Kosta Grammatis has given many talks on the topic of Internet access for all. He has made appearances on the stages of TEDx to the International Space Development Conference, the United Nations Nexus Youth Summit, and the Satellite 2011 Conference. A Human Right is a member of the United Nations Working Group For Emergency Telecommunications (WGET).