× Note: A Human Right discontinued its work in 2016. Several projects live on through various partnerships. This website remains to honor our longstanding commitment to Internet for all. Thanks to all who supported us over the years.

4.6 billion people live without Internet access.

What are they missing?

Economic Opportunity

Access not only connects people to opportunities, it creates them.

In developing countries a 10% increase in Internet access adds 1.28 - 2.5% to the GDP. Globally, Internet access added 1-1.4% to the employment growth rate.


The sum of all human knowledge is accessible online.

Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime - but give a man the Internet, and he can teach himself how to fish, and anything else he wants to know.

Disaster Relief

Communications are essential to relief efforts.

Without it, efforts are duplicated, resources are wasted, and health and safety are jeopardized. At best, you lose efficiency; at worst, you lose lives.


World-class healthcare, anywhere.

Telemedicine technologies are revolutionizing the way the world's poor are accessing healthcare. With access, the world's best doctors can diagnose diseases from thousands of miles away.

We believe Internet access is
a human right.

And we're doing something about it.

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