We’ve kicked off our Ambassador program by bringing in some incredibly motivated people from around the world who want to spread awareness to connect the 5 billion people who are disconnected and do some fundraising to continue our efforts to buy a satellite.

Livia Achchar, our ambassador in Brazil, cooked up an excellent plan:

The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest in the world. Last year we had 4.8 million “folioes” (or carnival goers). I live in Ipanema Beach, were lots of “blocos” – that’s the street bands and moving parties – pass by in front of my house. So every year, me and my friends buy some beer and when the party comes our way we just go downstairs and sell it!

This year we found out about this spectacular campaign in the internet and decided to help proving that financial obstacles can’t beat a crazy idea when lots of people believe in it. So we printed a huge poster and set off to sell some digital inclusive beer!”

We even made a stamp with the satellite for sale image and everyone that contributed to the cause got stamped and ran around all day with the satellite in their skin. They were walking ads!”

We found ourselves talking to several groups of really interested and supportive people (consider that convincing drunk people that this campaign isn’t a kind of joke is not that easy). They were coming back to buy beer only from us!”

We didn’t make a lot money but we have in our memories the positive reactions of the ones that stopped in the middle of their party time to listen to us, to discuss about digital inclusion and to make this crazy idea stronger by believing in it.

Congratulations to the creators of this campaign! We strongly believe in it and we hope that our effort can encourage the multiplication of fundraising initiatives worldwide!

Livia Achcar Mourão and Felipe de Carvalho

Interested in becoming an ambassador? We invite you to apply here.