We’ve been approached by a number of satellite owners who have offered the use of their satellites to provide Internet access as a basic human right. We’re still negotiating the details of that, so we have to be a bit coy, but that got us thinking…

What if the owner of every communications satellite pledged to give a portion of their unused bandwidth to ahumanright.org? The world is covered several times over by different communications satellites that are not living up to their full potential– very few satellites are running at full capacity.

Imagine if there was a network available to all people in any situation. It could be the education network providing tele-teaching to students in rural villages. It could be the disaster relief network ensuring that first-responders can coordinate relief. It could be the remote-medicine network ensuring that people everywhere can get a checkup. It could be the network that helps people to help themselves- news, weather, and data at your fingertips. Let’s build a network and change the world.

If you know someone, or know someone who knows someone that could facilitate this endeavor please get in touch. This is quite possible.

And what about the modems to access these satellites? We’re currently in Boston drumming up support at MIT-home of some of the most capable engineers in the world.  What for? To build a $100 satellite modem.