The mission of ahumanright.org is to improve the human condition by advocating for and safeguarding global access to information as a human right. We serve to facilitate mans ability to contribute and access knowledge, to further mankind’s ability to receive, seek and impart information and ideas.

Our vision is to connect all people by creating and stewarding a freely available decentralized global system of communication.

Almost 5 billion people lack Internet access.

We believe that access to information should be a human right. We advocate for the disconnected, and launch initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide. Our last initiative, to buy a satellite and grant Internet access to millions can be found here.

Over a hundred innovators, thinkers, technologists, futurists, movers & shakers all over the globe.  The idea for global connectivity was born in Berlin, Germany in an innovation “Do-Tank” called Palomar 5.  Thirty people under the age of thirty came together to innovate on what the future might look like, and how to address some of the worlds problems.

You’re welcome to join us.

Thomas Curran — CTO, Deutsche Telekom
David Drucker — Co-Founder, Echostar; Founder, WildBlue
Daniel Faber — Former president, Canadian Space Society
Chérif Ghaly — United Nations OCHA Chair, Working Group on Emergency Telecoms & Chief, technical coordination and partnerships
Jan King — VP, Qualcomm; VP of Space Technology for STL; Director, Orbital Sciences
Noah Samara — Founder, XM Radio & 1WorldSpace Satellite Radio
Patrick Lanthier — Co-Founder/Chairman, Emergency Communications Leadership & Innovation Center (eCLIC) at Carnegie Mellon University-Silicon Valley
Nigel Seale — Founder, Earth Day International
Tiffany Shlain — Founder of the Webby Awards & Film Maker
Suyash Tiwari — Director Telecom Innovation Lab; TATA Consultancy Services

Bertelsmann Foundation
Deutsche Telekom
National Space Society
Palomar 5

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